Losing myself

“He was the last thread suspending me in the light. Without him, I can feel myself spiralling downward, falling to a place where I can no longer pull myself back up.”

Broken android arm ~ Antaya ~ @ We ♥ Role Play 4th – 30th March

Bodysuit ~Bauhaus Movement ~ Reiko body ~ Maitreya (gacha)

:::SOLE::: ~ Time Rifter Collor, Backpack, Nose pad (gacha)

Commander Headset ~ Wicca’s Wardrobe

Singularity Headgear, blue light ~ ::GB:: Gabriel (gacha)

Eyes ~ ColorFuel. ~ Cyborg Lenses Power Button

Skin ~ Jeanette’s Joint ~ Android 2.0 Skin and Tattoo Selections (for her)