{OBD}  ~ Hot Dog Stand Set ~ Mainstore

{OBD} ~ Marketplace Adult ~ {OBD} Marketplace ~ PG

This food vendor set comes with dispensing drinks, hot dogs and pretzels all with bento holding, eating, drinking and chewing animations, with a high priority so you may sit walk run or anything while still eating, drinking your item. The Hot Dog Stand truck comes with and without a server! The server version has no animations inside the truck. The animated version come with props, singles, couples and adult with [faster/slower] menus (adult version only)!

Set this up anywhere to share all your tasty goodies with everyone. The picnic tables also sit 6 people at a time, just click on the table bench where you want to sit and you shall sit in that spot!

The picnic table also provides props and single bento seating. The hot dog truck comes with singles, couples and adult (adult version only) bento animations!

Singles 8 – Couples – 16 – Adult – 6 [Faster/Slower Menu]

Dispensed Drink Choices from the Chalk Board Menu:

Grape Fizz Soda
Lemon Energy Drink
Strawberry Energy Drink
Blue “Special” Cocktail

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