Poison Rouge  ~ Power of the Eternal Crown @Salem 2022

Available in 4 textures ~ Resize/move hud

Badwolf ~ Constrictor Armbands @Kinky Event open 28th Sept

Maze.mods ~ Soft arms

V/.VoluptasVirtualis ~ Ravyn Top

Hexed ~Yule War mask EvoX ~ Hexed ~Blessed Stars Face tattoo EvoX

AG. ~ Halloween Eyes (2)

Mimmi ~ #Symbiosis Tattoo (BOM)

*!R.O!* ~ Foreseen Bento pose with Orb

Author: daisysilverweb

I have been a member of the SL community for 13 years, I have met some wonderful people from all around the globe. I love to take photo’s trying to improve myself constantly. This is my second blog, the first I ran for 3 years but sadly due to RL commitments I had to close. If you would like to give me a chance then please contact me via email or SL IM. Thank you for taking a moment glance over my page.

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