Beach Life

Coastal Beach Set

{OBD} ~ Coastal Beach Cottage Set

Coastal Beach Cottage ~ Coastal Beach Cottage [Complete Front Frosted Windows]
Coastal Cottage Gardening Set ~ Coastal Ficus Plant ~ Coastal Ficus Tree
Coastal Ottoman ~ Coastal Outdoor Rug ~ Coastal Peacock Chair
Coastal Beach Cottage Rezzer

{OBD} ~ Coastal Lounge

Coastal Couch, Coastal Chair, Coastal Tray, Coastal Rug , Coastal Coffee Table
Coastal End Table, Coastal Ceramic Lamp, Coastal Cat Succulent
Coastal Coastal Small Curtains – Sheers Open, Coastal Small Curtains – No Sheers
Coastal Small Curtains, Sheers, Coastal Front Door Curtains
Coastal Bird of Paradise Plant, Coastal China Cabinet, Coastal Red Emerald Plant
Coastal Seashell, Coastal Mounted Flat screen, Coastal Books, Coastal China Cabinet
Coastal Blankets 1, Coastal Blankets 2, Coastal Crab, Coastal Succulent
Coastal Ceiling Fan

{what next}  Picture Gallery Frames (Contemporary)

{OBD} ~ Coastal Bedroom Set

Coastal Bed, Coastal Shelf, Coastal Side Table, Coastal Clock
Coastal Lamp, Coastal Unicorn Succulent
Coastal Rug, Coastal Tier Shelf
Coastal Radio, Coastal Artsy Plant
Coastal Decor

{OBD} ~ Coastal Kitchen Set

Cabinets ~ Island ~ Stool ~ Placemat ~ Agave Plant ~ Utensils ~ Birds ~ Fridge ~ Fridge with Food ~ Coffee Pot ~ Pot ~ Mug Rack ~ Hand Soap ~ Essentials ~ Crock Pot ~ Shakers ~ Sugar ~ Pitcher ~ Mixer ~ Plates ~ Glasses ~ Bowls ~ Dish Towels ~ Coffee ~ Towel ~ Microwave

{OBD} ~ Coastal Lounger Set

Coastal Lounger With Pillow
Coastal Lounger With Towel, Coastal Lounger With Pillow/Towel
Coastal Redwood Table, Coastal Patio Tray
Coastal Melon, Coastal Smoothie 1
Coastal Smoothie 2, Coastal Umbrella
Coastal Float [Deco Only]
Coastal Float

Author: daisysilverweb

I have been a member of the SL community for 13 years, I have met some wonderful people from all around the globe. I love to take photo’s trying to improve myself constantly. This is my second blog, the first I ran for 3 years but sadly due to RL commitments I had to close. If you would like to give me a chance then please contact me via email or SL IM. Thank you for taking a moment glance over my page.

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